How Dumb Do Your Friends Think You Are? you think your really dumb? How do you know that your friends don't say that about you? Come on you know your dying to find out! JUST CLICK!

Hey,DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK YOUR DUMB? Have blonde moments? Random falls? Take this quiz & find out! You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time so come on CLICK!

Created by: your mom
  1. do you act random in front of ur friends?
  2. Are your jokes hilarious?
  3. When you give advice is it good enough for your friends to always ask you for it?
  4. Do you have "blonde" moments every now and then?
  5. Are you act dumb just to impress ur friends?
  6. Describe your attire. (how you dress)
  7. Do you trip over things often?
  8. Are you in a geeky club?
  9. Do your friends care about you?
  10. Do you smoke/drink? anything that your friends think is totally gross & unhealthy?

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Quiz topic: How Dumb Do my Friends Think You Are?