How Dominican are you?

there are many dominicans out there, but some people might know about it. lets cheak if you are really Dominican. if you know everything about it! come and try this quiz!

Are you DOMINICAN? do you know all of the answers? do you wanna know how DOMINICAN are you? then take this quiz and cheak it out yourself! come one and lets see how mich of percentage are you Dominican!

Created by: paige301

  1. What are Dominicans main language?
  2. What are the colors of the Dominican flag?
  3. What is the capical of Dominican Repulic?
  4. When did they got their independence from Haiti?
  5. When did they got their independence from Spain?
  6. What is their motto?
  7. how many provinces do Dominican Rebulic have?
  8. When is the Dominican independence?
  9. How you say Dominican Republic in spanish?
  10. What is their currency?
  11. where do they drive from?
  12. If someone was going on a trip to the Dominican Republic, where is it located at?
  13. What does "Que tu ase?"
  14. what does "vida" mean?
  15. what does "Te amo mucho" mean?
  16. what does "yo tengo ambre" means?
  17. Como tu dise "agua" en ingles?
  18. Como tu estas?

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Quiz topic: How Dominican am I?