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In the Spanish Academy we have a number of subjects. One of them is the fascinating story of the Spanish Armada. Watch out also for the Spanish Civil War.

There are prizes galore, ranging from a week in Competa, Spain, to vouchers from your favourite retail outlets. Well worth the effort. If you don't know the answers, we give lectures and talks in Ireland.

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  1. In what year did the Spanish Armada sail for England?
  2. How many canons were retrieved from the Girona?
  3. Which King was on the Spanish throne at the time the Armada sailed for England?
  4. Which Queen was on the English throne at the time of the Spanish Armada?
  5. Where are the most wrecks of the Spanish Armada found?
  6. What did the Spanish sailors carry in their pockets to ward off scurvy?
  7. Which is the most famous galleon to have been discovered?
  8. Where would you find artefacts of the Spanish Armada in Ireland
  9. What is the significance of Dunluce Castle to the Armada?
  10. Why did the Armada sail in the first place?

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