how does your wolf life look like?

Wanna know if you were a wolf how your life would look like? or do ou just want inspiration for your character in RP? and if you like, you can get both with my quiz.

this is just for fun. i don't want any stuff like how do you know what i would look like? or: this doesn't make any sense. Just...HAVE FUN!!! ok thxxx

Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. how do you put your tail when you just walk through the territory?
  2. are you a leader or a follower?
  3. on a scale from one to ten, how shy are you?
  4. are you a trouble maker?
  5. RP time is guess.
  6. you are walking through the territory when suddenly three anoying wolves start giggling and saying your dumb or ugly or anything like that. how do you react.
  7. you have been hunting all day, and you took doen a BULL elk!! wow! but then someone from your pack tries to steal food from you.
  8. there are allmost no elk to be found and everyone is starving! finally the pack managed to catch a calf, but now everyone is fighting.
  9. you are still starving and you see your best friend catch a hare. what do you do?
  10. you are STILL really hungry, and when you go to the highest top of the mountain, you look at the other side of it, and you see that allthe herds are back! what do you do?
  11. rptime over, are you organized?
  12. are you good at hunting?
  14. that was a joke of course >:) did you like this quiz? ( plz tell ppl in the comments what you got.) this question has no affect on your result.

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Quiz topic: How does my wolf life look like?