How do you really look?

Have you ever wanted to know what you really would look like if your looks matched your personality? I'm sure that you have at some point! So, take this and know what you really are like!

You can be black, brown, blonde, red headed, or multi colored in this quiz. Sound fun? Sure it does! Let's get started and find out! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz and like your results!

Created by: kassie
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  1. You're at a movie theater. You choose the movie...
  2. Your friend has a problem. She says you are annnoying her when you do somethings. You now tell her...
  3. A guy you do not like asks you to dance. You reply by telling him..
  4. Where do you regularly shop?
  5. You ride this ride without fail at the amuesment parks!
  6. Someone asks you to ditch school with them. What do you say?
  7. Your prom dress looks like..
  8. What is your bedtime?? (if you were in middle school)
  9. Your ideal job is...
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz! Your response is.. (no effect on answers)

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Quiz topic: How do I really look?