Which member of the Vexos are you

Not every character's personality can be matched with yours. But find out who you are most alike to. Even if you don't like That Bakugan Vexos character, it's still a Quiz. Not everything that is in a Quiz is 'real' or true.

Are you ready to find out what character are you? Well, good luck and I hope you have fun while doing this quiz. Hope you'll get the character you wanted! ;D

Created by: The_Blue
  1. Are you...?
  2. Your attribute?
  3. If someone challenged you to a Bakugan battle, what would be your answere?
  4. Favourite colour?
  5. Do you like Bakugan?
  6. Which is Your Favourite Vexos character?
  7. Would you Care if you lost your Bakugan?
  8. What would be your perfect Bakugan guardian?
  9. Your gender?
  10. Your age?

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Quiz topic: Which member of the Vexos am I