How do you cope?

Do remember the time when... Or do you remember... Ok, maybe you do, maybe you don't. Yeah, we're not perfect. Nobody is. But... What do you do?!!

Are you one of those people that break down? Are you one of the people that can hold back storms of emotion? Or maybe you know when to break down, or when to hold strong? Well, this quiz is here to tell you how YOU cope with stress. What are you waiting for! Take the quiz!

Created by: Sarah

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  1. What is your natural response to stress?
  2. What happens when your friend is quiet?
  3. Your dad tells you he's going on a business trip. You:
  4. Do fights make you nervous?
  5. Can youre friends get you to go to a horror movie?
  6. The scariest roller coaster is in town, and your friends dare you to go. You say no, but then they say they'll pay. You:
  7. Your mom says you'll have to start riding the bus. You:
  8. Your crush started going out with your best friend. You:
  9. Your dog got run over by a truck. What is your line at the funeral speech?
  10. Your crush, who has crushed on you since forever, askes you to the prom. Thing is, you can't dance. In your mind, you:

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Quiz topic: How do I cope?