The Intermediate Simpsons Quiz!

Many people have watched a show called The Simpsons ever since it was first aired on a late night show, when it first aired as its own show on Fox, and many still watch it for the side-splitting laughter you get when you watch the dysfunctional family try to cope with problem after problem and then to say aww at the sweet moments towards the end.

How much do YOU know the yellow dysfunctional family? Were you truthful of lying when you called yourself a Simpsons fan? Find out right now! Or are you a chicken? BAWK BAWK!

Created by: julietta
  1. What does Homer's middle initial, J, stand for?
  2. Who created the Simpsons?
  3. Who Shot MR.Burns?
  4. What religion is Krusty's dad?
  5. What colors are Bart's skateborad?
  6. Why is Marge's hair blue?
  7. What is Bart's twin's name?
  8. No what two items make Homer go crazy?
  9. How many Snowballs have there been?(the cats)
  10. In the 20th season, how many Tree Houses of Horror had there been?

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