How Disgusting are you?

Disgusting disgustos are everywhere. Hmmmm, since many people in my school are disgusting maybe I should set up a disgusting quiz... and I did!!!!!!!!

So, if you think you can take on MY disgusting and embarassing quiz questions, come try this quiz!!! I warned you, if you are a weak person I suggest you shouldn't take this quiz as you might wanna puke.

Created by: HOAHHH

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  1. Are you ready? (YOU MIGHT PUKE)
  2. How often do you pick your nose?
  3. How many times do you brush your teeth everyday?
  4. Do you know what is floss?
  5. Do you wash your hands after a trip to the bathroom?
  6. After you eat snacks, you realize that your index finger and thumb have itty-bitty crumbs on it. What do you do?
  7. Do you cover the toilet seat before you flush?
  8. Cake!
  9. When you drop your food on the floor, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Disgusting am I?