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  • I got 77 percent and i am originally for San Francisco CA
    I like that one....bring it on.....Bro. Chris

    chrismarc207 Apr 8 '08, 8:44PM
  • wat up doe detroit 313 eastwarren all day

    east warren bosses Mar 16 '08, 6:10AM
  • 7mile 4life!! The club question is a trick question cause the platinum club on 6 do be crackin

    7milev Mar 13 '08, 2:29PM
  • yo ive never lived in detroit n gotta 82% thats how lame detroit is

    weasel Mar 2 '08, 10:46AM
  • Haha.. 100%
    Expect nothin less from them girls from 7 mile!!!

    dtownfoxy Feb 25 '08, 4:10PM
  • born in the southwest off of Cecil moved to the east by 7 and hayes then moved to a city called saint clair shores right off of 8 mile and harper o yeah i got a 98% dont listen to the radio that much thats y you get CD's Cutthroat

    G Money Feb 25 '08, 1:56AM
  • i dont live there. just go every couple of months to see my man. and i got dat 100%. whats good!!

    chels89 Feb 17 '08, 2:04PM
  • I am The city!! B*tch I Bleed Faygo!!

    Flyy Will Feb 8 '08, 7:50PM
  • you damn right i'm from the D

    Dionna313 Feb 5 '08, 10:52PM
  • I am so mad I got a 93%...I moved 3 years ago but I was born and raised in the "D"...I'm trippin...I need to visit more often...

    ynvme Feb 3 '08, 4:10AM
  • easiest 100 i ever got, tucked up on warren and southfield still all D all day until.....

    TheDornuthin Jan 31 '08, 10:58PM
  • I Got A 100% b----es lol of course i know The D cuz i lived in The Southwest side ALL MY LIFE PEACE OUT RAE

    SexiPuertorican Jan 31 '08, 4:06PM
  • I'm in this b---- right now and I got a 98! What? Everywhere from Puritan and Meyers, to Pembroke and Meyers, to Fenkell and Shaefer, to Fenkell and Evergreen, to 7 and Gratiot, to Grand Blvd and Kercheval. How you gone ask about some rapper as a requirement for Detroitness?

    Big O Jan 28 '08, 10:39AM
  • Daaaaaaamn!!!!I moved from "D" in 1995 and still got a 67%.Thats cuz I dont know all the hot spots no mo.....;p Think that means it time to come home for a visit!!!

    Missy R Jan 24 '08, 10:21AM
  • I aint Lived in the D since i waz 2!!!

    and STiLL got a 93%


    kreez Jan 21 '08, 3:07AM
  • got 100% cause i am joy rd, southwest( between outerdrive and bassett wad up

    shad343 Jan 20 '08, 10:47PM
  • well i do got to detroit every year for the whole summer that might explain my 100%. but i only go there to go see my uncle in madison heights. i guess all ppl from laramie wyoming r smat after all

    wyogirl Jan 20 '08, 12:29PM
  • lol...

    I'm Australian

    might explain why I got 0%

    x_black_dahlia_x Jan 10 '08, 7:26PM
  • 100% BABY!!!!!! Grandriver and Fenkell all day!

    Sxy Chick Jan 6 '08, 7:20PM
  • i visit detroit every summer and i got 97% what now!

    sexygirl Dec 31 '07, 10:05AM
  • i live in detriot 5 years ago and i got a 71 but im from flint

    brebreezy2007 Dec 28 '07, 10:06PM
  • I used to live at the corner of Chicago Blvd. and 3rd and could see the top of the Fisher Building out of my bedroom window; but I left Michigan in 1978.... and I still scored 87% on the quiz. Maybe living in MoTown is infectious!

    tgw51 Dec 14 '07, 7:45PM

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