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  • There had been a car accedent so I take a very long detour at this point a 20 minute drone was now a hour long drive and I suddenly realize I am extremely dehydrated so I chug a 2 litere water bottle and I get home but as I ran to the bathroom I feel a rumble in my stomach it had been 24 hours since I had last peed then all of a sudden my pee comes thundering out it feels sooo good I sit down and feel it running down my legs forming a 3 meter wide pudde that grows for 5 minuets and finally my aching bladder is normal sized

    GwenBear06 Aug 17 '18, 10:43AM
  • Pee fiction: When I woke up I had an extreme urge but I ignored it thinking I would wet later so I whent to work and did my thing but 2 hours later I really REALLY need to go so I go to the bathroom but see they are being redone so I wait...
    3 hours later
    I rush to my car and drive home as fast as I can but I get pulled over for speeding but the officer asks me to get out of the car and he does the standard DUI stuff breathalyzer and straight line I finally finish after 30 minutes so I drive home my bladder aching and I suddenly get caught in traffic ...

    GwenBear06 Aug 17 '18, 10:37AM
  • Said I should pee soon. I agree. Started peeing all over myself as I saw my result

    Rawro Jun 8 '18, 6:39PM

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