How desperate are you to pee?

How full is your bladder feeling right now? Can you barley squeeze out a drop, or are you absolutely BURSTING to shoot out all that pee? Are you sitting in your seat normally, or holding your crotch tightly while you dance across the room in desperation?

I'll tell you how full your bladder is, using a set of simple questions, no challenging excersizes like doing a split. You can find out truely if you are bursting, or just uncomfortable.

Created by: Michael
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  1. How long do you think you could pee for if you peed into the toilet right now?
  2. How long have you had to pee for so far?
  3. How do you think it will feel when you finally get to pee?
  4. What are you doing right now ( besides taking the quiz)?
  5. Read this: You are in the car with your new friends, and you are on a day long road trip. You only have time for one stop every day, and you just made that stop. You peed a little. But now, ( an hour later), you have to pee again. Not too badly, but you are shifting a little bit in your seat. You are very shy, and really don't want to tell your friends that you have to pee. A little later, you open your second beer, and than have a fifth ice tea. You are starting to get desperate, and you are crossing your legs. Two hours later, how have to pee soooo bad! Your bladder is very inflated and big. You can't take it anymore, so you decide to tell your friends. They laugh at you, and say that you can survive. You nervously grab your crotch, and relive you are getting dehydrated, so you chug two more iced teas. One hour later, you can take it, and even though you are really shy, you pull off your pants so that you can hold your privates through your underwear. Friends laugh even harder this time, and tell you to wait like an adult. After about hour, you can't help but groan in pain as your bladder gets more desperate every second. You feel like you are about to burst, and your frantically moving around and hold ping your crotch in your seat. Suddenly, you notice the many five empty beer bottles. You grab them with one hand on your privates, unbuckle, neel on the seat, and pee uncontrollably into the first bottle. You can barely hear your friends laughs as the bottle starts to feel up. It feels so good because you hold it for so long that your stream is very small. You can only feel the great pleasure of your bladder very slowly deflating. You moan in relief, and feel so relaxed. After a half minute of a very small sream of pee going into the bottle, it fills up, so you start peeing into a new one. It feels sooo goood, you don't want it to end. Your stream is still very small, and your letting your bladder do its thing, no extra pushes. After three bottles, you see your bladder is about 2/3 the size as it was befire. You keep saying "it feels soooo good", and your head is body is leaned against the side of the car. It keeps coming. You notice you ran out of bottles, so you calmly pee in the iced tea bottles. "Ahhhh," you say, as you can feel your bladder almost empty as you finish the seventh bottle of iced tea.
  6. Touch your bladder.
  7. If your bladder could talk what would it be saying?
  8. What movements are you making now?
  9. If you peed right now, what do you think your stream would be like?
  10. Thank you for playing, whether your bursting or coukding grpet out a drip! If you are desperate, I hope you get to a bathroom soon so you can pee your heart out! (Doesn't count for score)

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Quiz topic: How desperate am I to pee?