How Delusional Are You?

There are many illnesses. Being delusional is one of them. This is a test to see how delusional you are. Maybe you will seek help if you have a high score.

Are you crazy? Probably not. Maybe a little delusional. Probably. Everyone has their moments. It's nothing to worry about. If you score high maybe you should seek some help.

Created by: Serge
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  1. Do you always think people are talking about you?
  2. When other people are having a conversation and you can barely hear do you hear bits and pieces about yourself?
  3. Are you the butt of everyone's jokes when you are not around?
  4. Is the government spying on you?
  5. What's the definition of delusional?
  6. What's the definition of idiosyncrasy?
  7. What's the definition of eccentric?
  8. Do you think you've ever been poisoned?
  9. Do you think your significant other is cheating on you without any evidence?
  10. You think other people are talking about you behind your back so you talk about other people behind their back?
  11. Do you think other people can read your mind?
  12. What best describes you socially?
  13. Do you ever think people on TV are talking about you?
  14. Do you think there is a secret Facebook page about you?
  15. Do you think anyone ever spit in your food at a restaurant?
  16. Democrats are communists?
  17. Republicans love war because they want to prove how tough they are?
  18. Do you cover your webcam for your computer?

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Quiz topic: How Delusional am I?