Germ and Illness Awareness

There is a lot to know about germs and illnesses. There are four types of germs and there are many different Illnesses. It is important to be aware of germs and illnesses so you can stay healthy.

Please complete this ten question quiz to see how much you have learned about germs and illnesses. I am sure you will do great and will be suprised by how much you know.

Created by: Jenna
  1. Pinkeye is ____________.
  2. What is bacteria?
  3. What can fungi cause?
  4. A symptom of the flu is?
  5. The chickenpox makes you ______.
  6. What should you wash your hands with?
  7. If you have diabetes you have _____.
  8. Strep makes your throat do what?
  9. What are kleenex used for?
  10. You should wash your hands for how long?

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