how dangerous are u

There are many dangerous people but are you one of them this quiz will prove it p.s this quiz was made for fun please dont take the quiz seriously. Have fun

are you dangerous can you kill a humanbeing with your bare hands lets see hopefully you will get a good result but be kind and rate my quiz please.

Created by: animalsandwepons
  1. Hi.
  2. What will you do if u are being bullied
  3. Oh no you have been pickpocketed what will you do
  4. Ok you got in a fight against one no two no three people what will u do
  5. Have you ever planed to kill someone
  6. Do you have a fear
  7. Damn i ran out of questions
  8. Wait wait i was kidding
  9. Do you have wepons
  10. Ok bye i hope u get a good result

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