How crazy are you

some people act crazy and some people really are. I think its funny when squirrels scratch their ears. if you microwaved your keys in a chicken pot pie last night you need to take this quiz

Bluebeard was friends with Smurfette. I cook you some Bologna on my lava lamp. my alligator head stuffed with jewels weighs 16 lbs, how much juice is in your noodle take this quiz

Created by: Nezbit
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who would you rather hangout with
  2. what would you rather be
  3. how often do you break wind in front of others
  4. what do you like to drink
  5. what would you want for dessert on your birthday
  6. who is your favorite monkey
  7. how far could you huck a rats carcass.
  8. who is your favorite Wu Tang member
  9. how often do you wax your mustache
  10. who would play you in a movie
  11. which one of these don't you have in your refrigerator
  12. how many pairs of shoes do you own

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I