How COOL are you?

Do you think you are COOL?? Do other people think you are COOL?? Take this quiz to find out!!! Thousands of research scientists have compiled this simple quiz and now have released it so now you will know at last just how COOL you are!!

This quiz will determine just how cool you are. Its a short and precise quiz and you will know at the end just how cool you are. Its easy to take and the results will finally let you know just how amazing or lame your life really is...

Created by: TRASH
  1. Do you think you are cool?
  2. Have you downloaded a TRASH song yet for only 89 cents???
  3. Who is your favorite band?
  4. Whats your favorite TRASH song?
  5. Would you spend 89 cents if it meant TRASH could tour and play a show in your area??
  6. Music today (on the radio, MTV etc)...
  7. I would drive ___ miles to see a TRASH show.
  8. I would pay ___ to see a TRASH show.
  9. I would buy a TRASH CD if it was available.
  10. I would bring my friends to see TRASH if there was a show in my area.

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Quiz topic: How COOL am I?