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  • Your Result: LOSER GEEK!!!

    You're a geek that's WAYYYYYY too smart. Get a life.

    Is there such a thing as "WAYYYYYY too smart"? Remember, it's us boffins that cure cancer, MS, et cetra. I do have I life, I do what makes me happy and love who I am. You will be serving me at KFC when I introduce myself as Dr. Phoebe Harris. You are the world's biggest loser. I have an IQ 0f 132 and am 13; you cannot spell IQ.

  • dude, Phobe you get effended way to fast, just b cool wit wat u got, its just a quiz. And if ur such a geinus , how come u said "I do have I life"? its "I have A life" remember the AAAA. oh,yea . I got adverage. good grades , good friends , and good looks. TAKE THAT AND PUT IT IN UR LOCKER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


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