How confident are you?

There are many people that do not trust there own mom or dad, or friends, or family, or neighbors, or strangers. So i made this quiz too see if your one of them.

Are u as confident as u say u r, well take my quiz and u will find out. If u are really confident or not. So go right ahead and find out if your confident or not.

Created by: Francisco Salazar

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  1. If your neighbor said "I would like to take care of your little sister" would you let them?
  2. Your mom has some baby pics of u when u were a baby in the bath tub on her cell, would u trust her to not show them to her friends?
  3. U tell a friend your biggest secret, would u trust him/her, to not tell it to nobody?
  4. If u cheated on a test, and your friend saw u, would u trust them to not tell on u?
  5. If u left a 20 dollar bill, on the table would u trust your friend to return them to you?
  6. Say u left your locker open at school (middle school/high school), would u trust your friend to not steal from u?
  7. your shoes are untied and u could trip, would u trust a stranger to tell u?
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  10. Bye!!!!!!!!!! ThX 4 Takin my Quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: How confident am I?