How Confident Are You?

Do you wonder what other people think about you? Not too sure about your confidence ranking? Well you can find out now by taking this quiz.. What do you have to lose?

People say im insecure.. Some say im fairly confident.. But I wanted to know if I am or not. If you feel the same way, take this quiz and see how confident YOU are!

Created by: Jodie
  1. When asked to do a difficult task you..
  2. When people are saying what is wrong about there appearance you..
  3. You normally keep your curtains/blinds..
  4. When you go out you mostly wear which color..
  5. When someone pulls out there camera you..
  6. You fall over in front of a big crowd you..
  7. You're in a shop when you spot your crush you..
  8. You're on in tag but you're not a very fast runner you..
  9. You get a stain on your shirt at school you..
  10. Everyone is talking about their hair and their make-up. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Confident am I?