How clumsy are you?

There are many clumsy people out in this world. If you are one of those people who falls under this catergory take my quiz and find out how clumsy you really are.

Are you clumsy person? Dont know? take 2 mintues sitting down if you are clumsy and fasten your seatbelt to the chair.. do it slowly dont hurt yourself. See if you are clumsy now!

Created by: TwilightSaga

  1. Do you stumble over nothing frequently?
  2. Have you ever fallen up a flight of stairs?
  3. Do you always drop things? (i.e pens, books, etc..)
  4. Have you ever closed a door on your head?
  5. Have you ever punched yourself in the face.. by accident?
  6. Have you ever forgotten you had a pen in your hand and poked yourself in the eye?
  7. Do you have good balance?
  8. Are you often called a clutz?
  9. Do you often fall down the stairs?
  10. Do you often spill things on yourself or all over the place?
  11. Are you ready to fnd out if your clumsy?
  12. Have you ever fallen out of your bed not sleeping?

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Quiz topic: How clumsy am I?