Are you a clumsy person?

There are many clumsy people out in the world. Are you a big clutz? Do you often trip? Do you have OILY hands? These are all factors of being a clumsy person. You and your friends will need to know if they are clumsy so yall will not be humiliated!

Are YOU a CLUTZ!! Do you often trip and drop stuff? Thanks to my new quiz you can finally find out how clumsy you really are!! A few minutes of your day will finally tell you the answer!!

Created by: Bob

  1. Do you drop stuff on the way to class or to work?
  2. Do your friends constantly tell you to watch out for the wall or tie your shoes?
  3. Are your hands oily?
  4. Do you have big feet?
  5. are you pegion toed?
  6. Are you tripping on your own feet?
  7. Are you constantly afraid that you will fall?
  8. Do people stay away from you when they see you walking toward them?
  9. Are you extremely tall?
  10. Do you have long legs, arms and fingers?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a clumsy person?