How close are you to her/ him?

Do you want to know how close you are with your friend try this quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG LOL OMG LOL HAVE FUN!! YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE MMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!! your so awesome and cool! love you guys !!!!!!!! im trying to take up space!.......

Created by: maya

  1. Do you give gifts?
  2. Do you hangout?
  3. When did you last talk / text?
  4. Do you invite her/him to party do they invite you?
  5. Do you like him/her?
  6. Do you both think as friends?
  7. Do you have sleep overs?
  8. Do you share stuff!
  9. Are you friendly?
  10. Do you request him/her in camp or school?

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Quiz topic: How close am I to her/ him?