Charlie and Tonya

We have many friends. Some are close to us and some are very close to us. None are distant. It is our belief that if you are not very close, the opportunity has never been there for you to become close, but we would love to have you know more about us. We hide nothing.

Do you know alot about us? Have you been asking the right questions? How can you know until you take the test? If you don't score too well, it is o.k., for it is for fun anyway. We hope you do well.

Created by: Charlie and Tonya

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  1. Thinking back to the past, can you remember where we met? Now keep in mind that Tonya is from Leesville, LA, up north of Alexandria near Ft. Polk and I am from Chalmette. And a hint: It was not in a bar or in New Orleans.
  2. Since we both live in Tangipahoa Parish, we both work here. Can you list the two places in Tangipahoa Parish where our primary place of employment is?
  3. Both of us have through necessity, two jobs. Both of us leave our primary place of employment between four and five times a week and travel to St. Tammany. Tonya travels to Folsom and Charlie to Covington. Where do we work our second jobs?
  4. Think back to the old days. It will be hard for you to know anything much about Tonya, unless you ask, but Charlie played an instrument in the band from fifth grade past college graduation. What instrument was it?
  5. Suppose you bumped into the both of us on any given day. What is the possibilty of the day that you would bump into us? It would be a day that both of us were off and a whole day of a holiday from school or summer.
  6. Given the opportunity to cook somthing in the back yard for a family gathering or having friends visit, what do you think would be the most popular dish?
  7. You happen to see us in a lounge, restaurant or place of sprits and we both decide to accept your invitation to share a drink or two. What is our choice of drink?
  8. What type of riser is Charlie?
  9. What kind or riser is Tonya?
  10. Charlie's favorite food is __________.
  11. Tonya's favorite food is ______________.
  12. Charlie's favorite band is __________.
  13. Tonya's favorite band is: ___________.

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