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  • Most of this stuff really doesn't have much to do with being a Christian. Being a Christian is about believing in Jesus Christ and having a relationship with Him. I'm 14, and I got saved this spring. I went through some stuff this summer. I'd rather not say what, but seriously, I don't think you could get in a worse spot than I was in. But then, God intervened:) I seriously thought there wasn't any hope for me. I just want to tell you that no matter what you're going through-or what you did or thought, there is still hope!

  • Uh? What? Where's the 'I Don't Go To CHURCH!' option? I clicked on random quiz!

  • whoa

  • so sweet . cries so hard the bed gets wet .

    i hope i see u in heaven oh and be sure to check out my poll called should twighlt sparkle be n all da mlp epoisodes


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