How chemically balanced are you?

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How chemically balanced are you? Did you know millions of Americans suffer from stress and depression because of a hormone deficiency? Take this quiz to find out it you are one of them.

You may be feeling a little imbalanced. Take this quiz to find out if your body is bio-chemically balanced or if you are deficient in a hormone or nutrient.

Created by: makehappy of makinghappyhappen
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  1. When it comes to your whole life do you feel:
  2. Physically I feel:
  3. My personality is:
  4. My mind is:
  5. I feel that I am:
  6. When I relax:
  7. When it comes to my physical life:
  8. My character is:
  9. When it comes to the future:
  10. When it comes to my diet:

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Quiz topic: How chemically balanced am I?