how cheerleader are you

This is a quiz i just thought of because i was bored. It is just about cheerleading and cool stuff like that. so like yeah i saw patience with trevor and then emily caught them and tried to tell chelsi but found her and nick kissing and then nick told all his friends and now they think chelsi is sooo hot

Are you cheerleader material? Do you have the know how? this just a cool quizz made by cool people so if you go to brewer high you should know who made this. well i like lucky charms and that is my nick name or chellie chimy chonga so big tony took chelsi's watch and hasn't givin it back to her so she made out with his best friend and now he is jealous

Created by: Chelsi

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you are bored do you:
  2. If you could pick a sport to cheer at whitch one would you choose
  3. What are your school colors
  4. For a toe touch (a jump)do you
  5. in a competion do they take points for
  6. who has to do the most work in a prep
  7. is it required to put your hair up in a compition
  8. are you allowed to put down the opposing team i.e say "boo"
  9. do you have to know/do gymnastics or tumbling to cheer
  10. Now i'm done with this quiz wait and see if your a wizz if cheering ain't your game then fo sho your

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Quiz topic: How cheerleader am I