How cannon is your OTP?

Every fan has that one true pairing they love to see together. Some are cannon, relationships that are written in to the stories and shows by the author, others are fannon, an OTP that doesn't actually show up but should somehow be possible.

Do you have an OTP that you love and cherish? Did you ever wonder if they would stand a chance of making it into cannon? Well here is a chance to see for yourself.

Created by: FAPcon

  1. Is your one true pairing actually cannon?
  2. Has your OTP kissed in cannon?
  3. Has either half of your OTP displayed any of these bahaviors in relation to the other?
  4. Does either of your OTP have a cannon significant other ?
  5. If the answer was yes, then is the canon SO any of the below?
  6. Can you point out cannon support that hints toward your OTP?
  7. Is your OTP a homosexual pairing?
  8. Has one half of your OTP killed/tried to kill the other?
  9. How cannon do you think your OTP is?
  10. Are your OTP rivals?

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Quiz topic: How cannon is my OTP?