How BSC are you???

We all know them, laugh at them. Hell, some of you taking this quiz could BE one of them. The Bat S.hit Crazy fans. You may be one, and just afraid to admit it!!!

Are you BSC??? This quiz is designed to show you and others just how Bat S.hit Crazy you are/can be. Please feel free to post your results on the board..or not if you score too high! YIKES!!

Created by: Elie of boob
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  1. You are up front for you first time, how do you act?
  2. You notice Justin has just posted/signed on to the message board. What do you do?
  3. You become a member on the band's message board. How do you announce yourself?
  4. If you had the chance to meet the band/band members, what would you have them sign?
  5. If you can, how would you promote the band?
  6. What is an ideal gift for the band/band members?
  7. How do you pronounce 5591?
  8. How did you hear of Blue October?
  9. You try out your new camera at the Blue show, so you...
  10. One of the members on the message board teases you. What should you do?

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Quiz topic: How BSC am I???