How borderline is your mother?

A borderline mother is one whose selfishness knows no bounds. She acts like a victim and may appear like a wonderful person whose children treats her terrible. A borderline mother is one sick f--k. She will destroy the souls of her victims (children) and leave them seriously f--ked up. She is unworthy of life.

Do you recognize that your mother is borderline, evil, despicable, and deserving of a torturous death? Do you wish nothing more than for her to have died while giving birth to you? Find out now!

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  1. What is the worst thing you could do?
  2. How much do you hate your mother?
  3. How much better would your life be if she had died giving birth to you?
  4. How much of your therapy time is devoted to talking about your mother?
  5. What best describes your mother?
  6. How likely are you to ever have a normal intimate relationship?
  7. Are you good or bad?
  8. If a law was instituted that a person could kill their mother without legal consequences one day per year, what weapon would you use?
  9. Your mother just died and was buried. What kind of dance will you do upon her grave?
  10. Your mother calls to cry about giving away her life savings to someone who was willing to talk to her and is lonely again. You:

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Quiz topic: How borderline is my mother?