how blue collar working class are you?

There are many social climbers in this world and this is your chance to see if you have escaped your roots or whether your tracks can be uncovered as quickly as you say "a house".

So step up, answer truthfully, peel back the facade and be the person your parents gave birth to. There's no shame apart from the past you try to run from. Embrace your inner serf.

Created by: The Geek

  1. What do you have for breakfast?
  2. What do you drink first for breakfast?
  3. How do you travel to work?
  4. What time do you get to work?
  5. What do you have for a weekday lunch?
  6. What newspaper do you read?
  7. What do you eat in the evening?
  8. What food do you eat in the evening?
  9. What do you watch on TV?
  10. Where do you go for a wizz?
  11. What accent do you have?
  12. what alcohol do you drink?
  13. What do you put on your bread?
  14. What bread do you eat?
  15. What do you read?
  16. What instruments do you play?
  17. What sport do you like?
  18. What do you wear to work?
  19. Where do you holiday?
  20. What ciggies do you smoke?
  21. What takeaway do you eat?
  22. What car do you drive?
  23. What do you call your parents?
  24. How do you vote?
  25. Where is your furniture from?
  26. Where do you live?
  27. Would you have an affair?
  28. If you took drugs which would you do?
  29. where do you work?

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Quiz topic: How blue collar working class am I?