How BLONDE are you.?

You hear dumb blonde jokes. You wonder about your hair color. But it's not so much your hair color. It's what's in here *points to brain*. There are many blonde quizzes, but this is the ultimate one. 100% satisfactory. (That means good)

DO you want to find out your REAL hair color? Dyes don't hide the fact that you're dumb, or smart, or in the middle. Only this quiz will tell you what you really are.

Created by: Squidariffic
  1. What color does blue and yellow make when mixed together?
  2. Who was the first president?
  3. Your report card is...
  4. You're...
  5. When the teacher calls on you, what is you're first thought?
  6. You..
  7. What school club are/were you on?
  8. (((NO EFFECT))) Your name starts with...
  9. Quick! A monster wants to eat your brain!
  10. Choose a random word:
  11. A mirror whisks you away when you speak a lie. At what point would the mirror whisk you away? (This is a blonde joke read all answers!)

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Quiz topic: How BLONDE am I.?