How big of an NFL fan are you?

This test is for the true fans. Some questions will be very easy and others will be very hard. If you get 100% then i will love you. If you want to see how big of a fan you are, then this quiz is for you.

Are YOU a true fan??????? Take this test to find out!!! This test includes recent NFL activity and past NFL activity. Please have fun taking the quiz!!!

Created by: Troy
  1. What is the name of the commissioner of the NFL? (current as of 2011)
  2. What years were Plaxico Burress in prison?
  3. Which team has the most super bowl wins?
  4. Which legendary running back holds the record for getting tackled the most behind the line of scrimmage?
  5. Who was the youngest quarter back to win a super bowl?
  6. What is the name of the coach that transferred from USC to the Seattle Seahawks?
  7. Which team went undefeated (18-0) and then lost the super bowl to the New York Giants?
  8. Which wide receiver has BPD?
  9. What is the youngest team in the NFL?
  10. What is the new record for bench press at the NFL combine as of the 2011 combine?
  11. Which player is on the cover of Madden 08?
  12. When did the AFL and NFL merge?

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Quiz topic: How big of an NFL fan am I?