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  • Prya Potter No they met in Madam Malkins the robe shop. Obviously you haven't read the books. I am disgusted in you J.K.Rowling Wrote the BOOKS not the MOVIES. only a true harry potter fan would have read the books AND watched the movies, also when you fit time into your day to read the books make sure follow what the books say NOT the movies.

    I Siriusly don't get you and any other fans who ONLY watch the movies. By the way did you get that pun in there? It was Siriusly, I spelt it wrong on purpose refering to Sirius harrys Godfather.

    Next time you take a fan quiz read the books first OKAY!

  • Like five times each at LEAST. Fun quiz, interesting stuff.

  • 88% but the question about the first time Harry and Draco met doesn't have a correct answer: it's at Hogwarts in the Entrance Hall

    Pyra Potter
  • yes i have read ALL the books and seen ALL the movies thanks


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