how big of a gravity falls fan are you?

so this is a quiz about gravity falls. (duh)and its not that hard so...yea um enjoy this quiz. if you dont....then.uh....sorry? i guess? XD yeaaa......

Good luck! i dunno how to make this longerrrrr. so imma just press random buttons. feel free to continue. hbfugfuhfywufdhgvudfhugfujfghwugfwiehfbfgiyuywekfgwjyfuyegfuerg

Created by: tay
  1. first ones easy- what is mabels pigs name?
  2. what does bill call dipper and mabel?
  3. which grunkel did bill make a deal with?
  4. who created the show?
  5. which of lazy susans eye do i say this...defective?
  6. who are the society of the blind eye?
  7. what is bill?
  8. how many journals are there?
  9. what is the name of mabels friends?
  10. important last question. what is gravity falls about?

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Quiz topic: How big of a gravity falls fan am I?