How big of a Family Force 5 fan are you?

Family Force 5 is an awesome Christian/rapcore/crunk rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They have great songs, and concerts the likes I've never seen. If you've never heard them, I highly suggest you check them out! You won't be disappointed!

So you think you're a fan do you? I've seen people at shows who think they are fans, but they didn't recognize them before the concert or even know their names! And that is just unacceptable for someone who calls themself a fan!

Created by: Kid Vicious of this site
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  1. Do you own their album?
  2. Who's the lead singer?
  3. Who's the bassist?
  4. Who's the drummer?
  5. Who's the lead guitarist?
  6. Who's the dj/keytarist/hard-core tamborine player?
  7. which two are twins?
  8. What is Soul Glow's baby's name?
  9. What does Soul Glow like to put on his hands during concerts?
  10. Which is the youngest of the brothers?
  11. What is their hype man/tech/dancer's name?
  12. Who is their camera man/creator of their web show? (can't tell you what it's called-that would be cheating!)
  13. Who is their merch girl?
  14. Who is their current tour manager?
  15. Who is their old tour manager?
  16. Cutest person in the band?
  17. What is Crouton's real name?
  18. What is Fatty's real name?
  19. What is Soul Glow's real name?
  20. What is Chap Stique's real name?
  21. What is Nadaddy's real name?
  22. What is Xanadu's real name?
  23. What does Soul Glow sometimes wear on his head (besides hats) during concerts?
  24. What's their web show called?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Family Force 5 fan am I?