How Big Is Your Ego?

There are many people with a big ego, but few with huge ones. big egos after all quite exeptional. what is a big ego? a big ego is someone who thinks they are better then ever one else.

Do you have a big ego? is all you think about is yourself? untill now you could only wonder. but thanks to this dope quiz, in a few secs we will see if your an a--hole

Created by: Jacob Webb

  1. How Old Are You?
  2. When You Look In The Mirror What Do You Think?
  3. You Get Dissed By A Stranger And
  4. A guy/girl Says you look good and you reply with?
  5. At school you think your?
  6. You see your crush started following you on instagram and you
  7. Your friend likes the same guy/girl as you and you
  8. An ugly person starts talking to you, and you?
  9. How hot from 1-5 do you think you are
  10. How often do you masterbate
  11. Would you call yourself a womanizer
  12. How desperate are you to get the last word?
  13. You think..NO, YOU KNOW YOUR GODS GIFT!

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Quiz topic: How Big Is my Ego?