Are You Comfortable In Your Body?

There are people out there that have surgeries done, just to make them look "better". This is a quiz to let you figure out how comfortable YOU are in your own body.

Are you ready to see how egotistic you are?! No, just kidding. This quiz isn't a judge of egos, even if you have one. This quiz is purely for people to see how self-conscious they really are...

Created by: musicgirl
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  1. Have you ever thought about liposuction?
  2. Have you had any surgical procedures to "enhance" your physical appearance?
  3. Do you diet, just for the sake of looking better?
  4. Has anyone ever given you advice for you to change physical? If so, have you taken their advice?
  5. Have you ever envied someone for their physical appearance, and you let it make you feel bad about yourself?
  6. Have you ever put on makeup, looked in the mirror, and taken it off just because you liked yourself without it more?
  7. Some people wear make up to cover up blemishes on their skin; Do you?
  8. Do you feel comfortable telling people to shut up if they're speaking negatively of someones appearance?
  9. Have you ever felt like you weren't enough for someone? Or like you weren't good enough?
  10. If someone told you that you were unattractive, what would you say?
  11. If I told you that you were beautiful right now, what would you say?

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Quiz topic: Am I Comfortable In my Body?