How big is your belly?

Slim, Chubby, fat, obese? Are your scales not showing you promising numbers? Do you want to know how big your belly is? Play this quiz to fun out! (may not be 100% accurate

If you have any problems please comment below or share your results. Please don't be offended with results. This quiz is made for the purpose of being honest so please answer each question truthfully.

Created by: Bough
  1. Stand up and look down at your belly.What do you see?
  2. Have you ever popped a button?
  3. Putting on a tight shirt. What happens?
  4. Can you fit into your belt?
  5. How often do you eat?
  6. Do you have many fat rolls?
  7. How long do you eat?
  8. Does your belly sit on your lap?
  9. Lay on your back. What can you see?
  10. Walk across the room.What happens?

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Quiz topic: How big is my belly?