What Belly Do You Want On Your Girlfriend?

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Many people have different preferences when it comes to the body of their girlfriends. Do you like the slim girl or the chubby girl? Take this quiz to find out.

This quiz will show your whether you want a skinny, toned, slim, average, or chubby belly on your girlfriend. Note: this quiz is not for those who prefer extremely fat or ripped bellies.

Created by: Jules123
  1. What does her belly look like?
  2. She sits down in tight pants. As she leans over to kiss you, your eyes fall on her belly: what do you see?
  3. You convince her to go on a run with you. When she runs, her:
  4. The two of you are eating out, and she has tight jeans on. After eating for a while, her pants are looking a lot tighter on her and her belly folds about an inch over her belt. You:
  5. While she is sitting down and leaning forward, you come up to her and feel/pinch her belly. What do you feel?
  6. When she sits down and leans forward in tight pants, does her belly cross her belt?
  7. When she sits in a hard chair, do her thighs touch?
  8. You playfully tap/slap her butt and thighs. What happens?
  9. She tries on very tight pants and stands up. Does she have a muffin top?
  10. She is sitting down wearing a bikini because the two of you were planning to go to the beach. You grab/pinch her love handles: what do you feel?

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