how beautiful are you

Allah made people beautiful, ugly, normal etc, but in heart he made everyone the same . Everyone has their inner beauty that sometimes cannot be seen by other people but when you are kind, honest and helpful to other people no one will judge you by the cover but will love you the way you are.

Are you beautiful? Are you beautiful from your cover or from your heart?. Being beautiful should not be judged by the class you are in or only by the cover.

Created by: lumina

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  1. what colour hair do you have
  2. what colour eyes do you have
  3. what is your skin colour
  4. what is your hair like
  5. how tall are you (girls) - (13-15 years - 17years and beyond)
  6. what is your weight
  7. do you wear makeup to make yourself look beautiful
  8. what colour are your lips
  9. what do you wear daily to make your self look attractive
  10. what do you wear on your feet
  11. what kind of hair do you have
  12. what do you look like
  13. in which class are you
  14. do you judge people by the cover or from their hearts.

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