How Beautiful Are You: 100% honest

Being beautiful isn't just what about what is on the out side but also the inside! People aren't attracted to people who aren't caring or nice, or who only thinks of themselves. Beauty Comes From the heart!

I hope you enjoy my quiz and realize what beauty really is! Don't let this quiz control your life and have fun while you do it! Sometimes all you need to do is laugh and be happy!

Created by: Curran

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your typical Day Outfit
  2. What's Your hair Color
  3. What's Your Eye Colr
  4. How Many Close friends do you have?
  5. How many friends Do you have?
  6. When You walk into a room so people typically stare?
  7. Do You like Sports?
  8. Do people tell You your pretty?
  9. What would you rate yourself?
  10. Whats your ideal first date?
  11. What's your hair type?
  12. Do you like my quiz?
  13. FINAL QUESTION! What kind of person would you describe yourself as?
  14. Pt 2

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I: 100% honest