How bad do yo have to pee?

Well, I'm bored and I have to pee. Are you bored and have to pee? Really? Do you wanna have a stupid contest?

Let's see who can hold it longer. I'll keep adding questions for as long as I can, and if you make it through the test, then you win! Yaaay!

Created by: A Random Chick

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  1. Welcome to this test. I'm really bored, so I'm making this. And I have to pee. So let's see who can last longer, I'll keep making questions until I have to go, k?
  2. So, on a scale of -4 to 20 (-4 being just pee'd, 20 being totally completely about to pee) because I'm probably an 11.
  3. How are you moving around?
  4. Do the worm please :3 yes go on. Do it! Done it? Good. Now on the same scale as before, how bad do you need to pee?
  5. Hm... You are in a car with your friends. You are traveling out in the middle of nowhere. There's no bathroom for miles and there's no where to pull over. Suddenly, you have the urge to pee. You ignore it but it grows stronger. You cross your legs, hoping no one will notice. You fidget, too embarrassed to say anything. Finally, one of your friends, the driver, notices. She laughs. "Someone have to potty?" you shake your head no. Eventually you come see a rest stop, but your friend drives straight past it. "Oops, sorry. I didn't see that until we passed it," she joked. They giggle. The urge is growing stronger. You pass gas stations, and hotels. You pass another rest stop, a nice looking one with a big sign that says "Clean restrooms!" You fidget and cross your legs, and then grab yourself. It's unbearable. "What's the matter, can't hold it?" she smirks. You pass by another town, and finally, you can't control it anymore. You feel relief as golden, warm liquid streams out of you and floods your underwear. You sigh, not caring what your friends think. It feels good. ... So how does this story make you feel?
  6. So you're in class, and there's about 10 minutes left. You didn't use the bathroom before you went to school, and you had 2 cups of coffee that morning. You were bursting. You quietly walk up to the teacher and ask to use the bathroom. "You can wait 10 minutes!" he replied loudly. 10 agonizing minutes later, the bell rings. You walk towards the door when someone blocks your path. "Aw, the little baby couldn't hold it for 10 more minutes?" he says. "Please let me out!" you beg. He won't let you. You are about to wet yourself when your friend shoves him aside. "come on, we're gonna be late for the bus!" she says. "Hold on, let me just use the bathro-" "No time for that! Let's go!" you stare longingly at the restrooms as she drags you past them. 5 torturous minutes later, you are home. You try the door... But it's locked. You frantically try the door for 3 minutes when you give out, you fall to your knees and it flows out of you with a hiss, soaking your pants and even the ground beneath you. You sigh. It felt amazing. ... Now how do you feel?
  7. How ya feeling?
  8. If your bladder could talk what would it say?
  9. Scale time again! How are you coz I'm a 14
  10. Okay, I give up. I'm out of questions and I really gotta pee. So bye!
  11. One last question! Did you like it?

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