How awesome are you?

There are plenty of awesome people in the world, but unfortunately most of them are overshadowed by a bunch of absolute idiots. Thus, I have composed a quiz to find all the awesome people.

So, are YOU awesome? Do you have the Awesome Points to qualify for such an awesome title? Find out now by taking this quiz, and remember, ANSWER THE QUESTIONS HONESTLY.

Created by: Henix of Aurorus Productions Forums
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  1. Do you play Touhou?
  2. Do you hack?
  3. How active are you on IRC?
  4. How often are you on SMWC?
  5. What's your opinion of SNN?
  6. What's your overall opinion of the SMWC mods?
  7. What is your IQ?
  8. Is your name Falconpunch? (This question doesn't actually effect your score, relax. :P)
  9. Which of the following games do you play?
  10. Are you awesome?

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Quiz topic: How awesome am I?