how awesome a rock star are you?

there are few rock stars but those who have been have been heroes take jimi hendrix kurt cobain jack whit etc etc. they are the best people ever to walk the earth

but can you join their elite and hallowed ranks be the best of the best or will you end up playing to half empty pubs on wet wednesday evenings. if you take this quiz you will know

Created by: marin sparklehorse

  1. what is your favourite group
  2. who is the best guitar hero ever
  3. please choose one you have heard of
  4. who is the worlds best vocalist
  5. what is the most awesome rock answer
  6. what was the best rock decade
  7. which is a sort of guitar
  8. what are you wearing
  9. which of these is most fun
  10. is 'black and gold' a good song

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Quiz topic: How awesome a rock star am I?