How Aussie are you?

This is a quiz to tell us how Aussie you are. Some of these may have a few answers so it shouldn't be too hard. These questions are basic stuff so if your Aussie you should nail it

Are you an Aussie? Well let's find out how well you reall know what your talking about. No googling in the middle of this that's just rude! I hope you like it and have fun thank

Created by: Kaitlin

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  1. What do you put drinks in to keep them cold, on a hot Aussie day
  2. Winter is in
  3. What do you put on chips
  4. How many states are there
  5. What do you call the people you hang out with
  6. What day is Australia day
  7. How much Vegemite do you use
  8. You order a Big Mac where did you get it from
  9. Classic refreshment in a hot day
  10. What's the native people name called

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Quiz topic: How Aussie am I?