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  • I got 61%, which is good, after, I put blonde since everyone is saying if you put blonde, you get really high, and yeah.... Being blonde isn't being the prettiest/sexiest, I know a lot of blonde people who are not the best looking but not bad either, and, most of the people that are beautiful are brown-haired, like, Megan Fox is black-brown haired (at least thats what i think) and many guys love her. Also, hair color doesn't have to do with physical beauty, it's mostly the face in physical beauty. Other than that, pretty good.

  • Who made this quiz Hitler? I took the quiz and put my real answers I have brown hair and browneyes ok I got a 71% says 8-9 so I took it again SAME ANSWERS but changed 2 of them hair to blonde and eye's to blue then magically got a 10 saying I was perfect in everyway LOL nice try F U

  • Wow I'm sorry but do you expect us to believe all this dumb chain mail or should i say comments!!! I mean it's obviously not true!!!! everybody dies sometime anyway but this is death threat!!! this is meant to just post what your quiz results are...anyway i got 68% beauty 6-8!!! but i think they should focuse more on inward beauty!

  • I disagree with this quiz. This focuses to much on outward beauty, which doesn't matter as much as inwards beauty. I know several people who are the most beautiful people in the world, yet they would look "ugly" to you.

  • 57% 6-8 wow. I didn't think I would get that, hI am not really that pretty. I think the only reason I got that is because the little kids and this girl says I am pretty. I don't care about what others think of how I look, they don't like it they can just buzz off. I never asked for their opinion! Anyway good quiz.

  • I do agree with u, but this quiz is supposed to be about what u look like on the inside. Some people make quizzes about inward beauty, but sadly, people these days don't seem to care about that :(

  • pretty good quiz but maybe my definition of beauty differs from yours, know what I mean? To you, blonde hair and blue eyes might highly attractive, but dark hair and green eyes to me... Ya know?

  • No mean comments. It's just an opinion anyways. You can't blame the person who made this quiz entirely. I mean, they've never really seen you.

  • 8-9, yeah, pretty much. I bet if I didn't have brown hair and brown eyes, I would've scored higher. What colour your hair and eyes are don't define your attractiveness.

  • @lolgirl your right. no matter how many quizzes you post on or how many chain letters you send, your fate remains the same. so be happy! don't try to get something out of nothing with those stupid comments. LOVE LIFE!! o and btw im 8-9 attractive aww thx luv this quiz

  • You are 91% Attractive

    10 (Gorgeous/Really Handsome) You are extremely attractive, and you look outstanding! You are a very lucky person!


  • You are 79% Attractive

    8-9 (Beautiful/Handsome ) You are very attractive, and you look amazing! A lot of people are jealous of you!

  • I got 57% which was a nice result but then I changed my hair colour to blonde and it went to 70%! In fact, the ugliest person I know is blonde!

  • This is stupid. The first time I got 47%, and then I changed my hair color instead of brown to blonde, and then I got 68%. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLONDE DOESNT MEAN YOU ARE PRETTIER THAN EVERYONE ELSE! Jeez...

    Skyler Potter
  • 41%.. most people say i'm adorable and cute not sexy or hot because either they want to be a gentlemen or the reason a lot of people say i'm kawaii so i guess they call me a 7-10

  • 9/10. I think I'm fine looking but not as beautiful as the quiz says. I think if you put blonde hair and blue eyes, you get a high score. Jeez, did Hitler make this quiz?

  • 6-8 (Pretty/Cute) You are better looking than average! You are a pretty girl or a cute boy! That makes you pretty lucky!

  • LOL People are so shallow these days.

    Beauty/attra ctiveness should I say is only skin deep.

    Wow, down there, who's so addicted to how they look? tut tut. girly girls piss me off.

  • I got 7-9!! And I'm not blonde, so just coz you've got blonde hair doesn't make you always pretty. (I mean you can be pretty with any colour hair) :)

  • 34% Yeah, that's about right. I'm not the most attractive person, but I don't think that I'm ugly either.

  • 0- 2 (Really Ugly) You are very unattractive, you should really work on your face a little bit, so you can look decent, at least!...gee thanks I feel loved now -.-

  • I agree with Lola Rose. Your stereotype of what attractive is is unfair

  • Okay i am not gonna rely on some quiz on the internet to tell me if i am pretty. I mean people tell me I am so I'll go with that. but still its kida a fun quiz to take.

  • Sweet Jesus I hot 33%...... But I'm kind've attractive I mean Ive got light brown hair grey-blue eyes a beauty mark beside my eye curvy body...... Well guess I'm outve season....:'''(

  • Great quiz, overall. :) I got 80% which is 8-9. I am surprised because on another test I took I got a 40%. I don't think I am that ugly.


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