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  • i think this is really dumb and degrading i got 100% but i still went back and changed around two or three of my answers and i got some really negative responses. i just don't think this was a very good quiz and it certainly doesn't make people feel good. this quiz is terrible.

    lunarcat Jan 30 '15, 8:41PM
  • Wow you sound like some public school bully I am soooooooo glad I'm homeschooled! I dont have to put up with bullies like you! By the way I got 90 something %

    lacy the great Nov 15 '14, 1:38AM
  • i agree with nevermind. u suck! u people are just demolishing confidence! like we need a self-centered air-head to tell us that were pretty! u probably just made this quiz so u could rig it and say u got 100%. thats pathetic.

    fireflies1002 Jan 22 '14, 2:08AM
  • 61% ? I HATE YOU!

    TATIANA Aug 8 '08, 5:05AM
  • 40% attractive, lol. Oh boy, this is pretty funny. :)

    MystiqueBeauty16 Aug 4 '08, 12:07PM
  • 40% attractive, lol. Oh boy, this is pretty funny. :)

    MystiqueBeauty16 Aug 4 '08, 12:07PM
  • ok look this quiz is retarded i don't need a quiz to tell me i look good and neather do any of the other people

    Littlemisshyper Aug 3 '08, 10:17PM
  • 40% this qiz sucks :(

    Samantha Aug 1 '08, 2:46AM
  • wow, that was a waste of my time!! not cool dude!!!!

    Wolflover Jul 18 '08, 10:10AM
  • I'M 100% yay me

    jds2113 Apr 7 '08, 9:18PM

    jds2113 Apr 7 '08, 9:18PM
  • This is a s--- of a quiz and is pretty based on stereotypes. I can easily guess you are a Southern American or a dumb blonde who has no time for exercising her brain. You are a s---!

    Nevermind Apr 4 '08, 7:31PM
  • I took this out of pure boredom. No quiz can tell you how attractive you are.

    Em24 Apr 4 '08, 3:41PM
  • any guys

    rae Mar 15 '08, 3:28PM
  • wow 99% thank u :)

    rae Mar 15 '08, 3:27PM
  • wow... 42%... take my other "Are you attractive quiz" its soooo much better... and be sure to comment it too

    skittlezdude Mar 14 '08, 12:50PM
  • Seems like if you got under 50% you think more of yourself than the ones who got over 50 based on THESE crappy comments. :P

    LalaKat Mar 13 '08, 5:31PM
  • This isn't a very accurate quiz... I have been called very attractive, but this quiz doesn't say I am even close to attractive.

    bgpink Mar 8 '08, 11:02PM
  • 91% read'em and weep! Line up ladies, there's plenty for everybody!

    sergeantbob Feb 29 '08, 12:52PM
  • I want the ten minutes back that you stole from my life. Thanx, noe i'll probably die ten minutes earlier than i would have if i hadnt taken theis quiz. 52%..... come on....

    maddyrja Feb 22 '08, 1:31PM
  • dis shyt is retarted

    trek814 Feb 20 '08, 9:44PM
  • this quiz is stoopid, why does it matter what you wear? i mean if ur hot, ur hot in whatever clothed u got on! i am a sexy emo beast!!! i hate all the "latest fashions" and all that sh*t!!!! but guys still ask me out all the time!!! (well, the ones that ask me out are mostly emo, but wtf does that matter? cause other guys are too judgemental and are scared to ask me, the emo girl, out.)

    die die die Feb 12 '08, 6:10PM

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