How attracted are you, to your teacher?

Some people hate their teacher, others just do not care. Others might be teacher's pets, but only a few are twisted enough to have true attraction (i mean the pervy one). ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

You can take this quiz to find out but before you do THAT, consider this: If you get offended and try to report, please don't. Why would you get offended? It said nothing about YOU! Reporting it will hurt my feelings! :( And if you are five years old, view this with your grandma!

Created by: Boogerdam98

  1. Is that teacher your favorite teacher?
  2. Is that teacher's subject of teaching your favorite subject?
  3. Do you only like the subject and/or the class because that teacher teaches you?
  4. Are you your teacher's favorite (or close to favorite) student?
  5. Do you try to prevent other students from being the teacher's favorite?
  6. Do you like basketball?
  7. Are you trying to flirt with the teacher!? 0-0
  8. Do you have wet dreams about your teacher?
  9. Will you do ANYTHING for your teacher?
  10. Do you want to date and do IT with your teacher?
  11. Last question: Does this quiz seem pervy, absurd, messed up and a quiz that you would like to report (please dont do so this quiz is essential for people!)?

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Quiz topic: How attracted am I, to my teacher?