Does your teacher like you?!

Has anyone ever told you that your teacher, your favorite teacher loves you?! have you ever had a strange feeling that your teacher sees you in a different way?

do you love your teacher? do you want to know what she thinks about you? take this quiz and I'll tell you how she feels about you with some simple questions!

Created by: spps

  1. has anyone ever told you that your teacher likes you?
  2. what does she usually do when you meet her in the hallway?
  3. does she ever compliment you?
  4. the most important question: DO YOU LIKE HER?!
  5. how often does she ask you for something?
  6. does she look at you a lot?
  7. Does she call you in class a lot?
  8. does your teacher ever tease you?
  9. how much do you have in common with your teacher?
  10. does your teacher help your grade?
  11. how often do you ask her questions?
  12. if you chose "every day" in last question, what's her reaction to your questions?

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Quiz topic: Does my teacher like you?!